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Co-founder, CEO, & Board of Directors
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Co-founder, CEO, & Board of Directors


Vidquik is a new web communications platform that provides easy-to-use tools with which companies can enhance their sales experience and efficiencies. Vidquik’s browser-based, web conferencing (video and presentations) platform makes web conferencing super simple; it requires no downloads or plug-ins to use.

Successful beta launch at DEMO where they selected approximately 5% of over 1,000 companies that applied. Garnered great reviews, such as “DemoFall 2011: Top 5 New Techs I’d Use” and “The 15 Most Intriguing Pitches from DEMO Fall 2011”. Official launch in November!

Wearing various hats and leading product development with some great engineers.


entrepreneurship, helping other entrepreneurs, startup advice, company building, capital raising, business development, corporate planning, strategy, video-on-demand, wireless, online gaming, web 2.0, software-as-a-service, blogging, social networking, korea, china, and asia market entry.

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2011-05 – Present


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University of Southern California


Fellowship, NetKAL Fellow (Center for Asian-Pacific Leadership)

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2007 – 2007