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Union City, CA

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Carl is an effective business development, sales and marketing management executive with an accomplished background for developing products, establishing new markets and leading sales teams. Over his 30 year plus career, he worked with VC’s, secured funding for start-ups, demonstrated a proven track record in technical sales as well as managing channels for Fortune companies IBM, AMD, and Intel. Results and challenge driven, he thrives in a fast paced competitive environment of ongoing change. Builds and establishes a strong customer relationship and focus. Patient and methodical, visionary, consistently sources new business opportunities. Internet and social media marketing savvy with in depth crowdfunding knowledge.

Today Carl’s focus is integrating the 30 plus years of marketing, sales, business development and electronic manufacturing experience with the various crowdfunding platforms to assist start-up businesses fund and innovate new products and most important is to “In-source”, manufacture products in America.

– Crowd Funding Applications
– Social Media Marketing
– Business Development,
– Technical Sales & Channels Sales
– Sales Management
– Product Marketing
– Project Management
– Contract Manufacturing
– Semiconductors
– Computer Hardware
– Network Products
– Electronic Assembly/Box Build


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Niagara College


Degree, Electrical, Electronics

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1969 – 1972

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